RoCKIn@Home 2015 - Lisbon - Pt. 1

First post on the site, and luckily there's news to share - the Trinity robotics team are heading to Lisbon later this month to take part in RoCKIn@Home!


This is an EU-funded competition in which research groups from around the world come together to test their robot's abilities against challenges which a home personal robot would face.

Specifically, the competition provides a testing platform for robots that are designed to assist the impaired/elderly - for instance, in one task the robot will have to welcome visitors who call to the apartment, and only allow people to enter who are known (either identified by face recognition, or by their uniform). In one case the known person is delivering groceries, and must be escorted to the kitchen by the robot - with the robot keeping a close eye on the stranger's actions while in the house.

RoCKIn@Home: Welcoming visitors - a demonstration from the organisers

We have a team of about 19 hard at work on this - I'll be heading up the high-level control systems team, and we have two other core groups focused on low-level electronics and mechanical design.

Some of the team heading to Lisbon