Solve for X-MAS

It's that time of the year again, the days are short, decorations are up, and the college is getting quiet again - not a creature stirring and all that.. well except maybe the mice... or postgrads in the labs.

It's been a pretty hectic run-up to Christmas between invited talks, and trying to get some actual work done, here's a few highlights!


KCL Christmas Lectures

The first event of a busy week, my supervisor Dr. Matthew Howard delivered a lecture to a room full of eager secondary students, asking them who they think will be making their Christmas Dinner in the future? We put forward our vision: mincepie-bot, which the students helped us program in a slightly panto-style.


GROWBOT also made an appearance at the National Farmers Union (NFU) AGM, where Matthew was giving a talk on the research our group is working on for application in Agriculture and Horticulture.

After all that it's nearly time take a breather and enjoy a mince pie or two!