It only feels like yesterday that I posted about going to RoCKIn, but it's already come and gone!

It was a hectic couple of weeks getting the robot prepared on both the mechanical and software side - and while we may not have came out top of the table, we do have a great new research platform to work with. 

The robot is differential driven, with the ability to rotate at it's hip, and has a custom 3D printed manipulator. It features a Hokuyo laser scanner and Xtion Pro for navigation, a Kinect for perception, and a directional microphone for speech recognition. On the software side, we were developing on Ubuntu 14.04LTS with ROS Indigo, and opted for a straightforward finite state machine based approach using the SMACH framework for the robot's decision making processes. Further details on this platform and some of the research we're working on to follow in later posts.

Congratulations to team Homer from University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany!

Below are a few photos from the trip~